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Mole intelligence: EPISODE 20


3A Hyde Park Terrace

April 23 1997

I’m sorry I’ve taken a while to reply mum, but I’ve been feeling a bit under par recently (as you know). I’m sorry about Meribel. What are you going to do with her ashes?

To answer your question, Austen did say something about needing to drive to Carpool on Friday – but no mention of taking a ‘research assistant’ with him.

We normally sleep in the ground floor guest bedroom when we visit, don’t we? The one with the king-sized bed and pink, gauzy, curtains. Isn’t there a disused coal bunker just outside, in the garden? I’m laughing a bit (even under the circumstances) as I write this, but couldn’t we squeeze in there?

We’d need some equipment of course. How about one of those scopes that people use for spying round corners? I’ve forgotten the name of them. Do they come with any capacity for night vision? It would be rather dark in the bunker.

On second thoughts – although I need to know – I don’t think I can bear to see anything in person. It would be agonizing.

What do you advise mum? I know you have special expertise in this arena. There must be some way around it.

With love from your daughter (in law)