I have, rather belatedly, realized that this page is supposed to be about me – the author! But I seem to feel that my own ‘real’ life is just for me to know.

I tend to state, on profiles, that I work for the Government in my capacity of surveillance expert . . . Maybe . . . More accurately, there is part of me in every character I inhabit. But which parts, you must essay a guess. I am someone who eschews the use of social media and shies away from anything which is seen as being fashionable or ‘cool.’ I live in the UK and I am a woman who wishes she really was Evangeline Tankful (Dame Commander of the British Empire)!

    Brief summary

My genre is DARK COMEDY. The three characters – Evangeline (63), Ralph (24) and Harriet (40) are all stuck. Penning a series of funny – and moving – letters to each other, they tackle the many challenges which assail them. This story describes their struggles to access their own powers and find futures which will contain meaning, contentment, and love. The time-line is 1997-9 and most of the letters are penned from within the UK. Those that are not, are penned from Cuba.


The principal character is EVANGELINE TANKFUL (Dame Commander of the British Empire). Born in 1936, Evangeline has had a career as an MI6 operative, which culminated in her becoming Director-General of this Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). Upon retirement, she has moved to OUTER HAMLET, Corsettshire, and embarked upon a new career – as gardener to the upper classes.

Evangeline is a diminutive individual, who conceals her past identity behind a French Pleat and a set of magenta beads. This is a façade, for her thoughts – and actions – betray both an acute mind and a social conscience. Her extraordinary sense of humour – used to buffer the tragedies of life – renders her unique.

The second character is Evangeline’s rather dysfunctional nephew, RALPH, who is resident in the city of Carpool. Ralph is addicted to prescription medication and the inhalation of Glustik. He is also a Socialist and member of a far-left political group. Trapped in impoverished circumstances, on state unemployment benefits, Ralph is trying to find his way out of the mire from his base in Concrete Shacks, Carpool.

The third correspondent is 40-year-old HARRIET, who is married to Evangeline’s son, the Rt Hon. Austen Tankful MP. Harriet has realized that Austen is having a relationship with a young stenographer in the Houses of Parliament. Shocked and distressed, she embarks for Cuba on a container ship and there she is seduced into a relationship with the writer, Edgar Hummingway. Her life becomes increasingly dissipated and she is arrested attempting to import marijuana into Havana International Airport. She is sentenced to a year’s imprisonment in a Cuban women’s prison, from where she describes a harrowing set of events. And then she returns to the UK to develop her own self and her own life.


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