Submissions . . .

Delightful picture of a koi carp at parental demesne

Delightful picture of a koi carp at parental demesne

Phew! I am done writing I think. And it’s time to submit my efforts to an agent. It has taken me quite some months to revise (and revise again) this, my first and on-line, draft. Apart from the obvious typos, there were – on many occasions – glaring faults with plot logic as well as gaping time gaps. I seem, also, to have yakked on far too much about gardening (my real occupation) as well as the historical situation in Kosovo!

It is a mission in itself to prepare a proper submission to an agent. The covering letter takes much thought and care, as does the brief summary and synopsis. The experience of penning the latter has given me the opportunity to ask myself if I really know what the story is all about! I have also had to prepare a writer’s CV and some testimonials. Thank you Josna and Peter for your glowing tributes to my efforts at dark comedy.

So we will see. I am as ready now as I ever will be. And if it still not my time, then I will just carry on!

Thank you for your readership, whoever you are, out in the ether.


Evangeline Tankful (DBE)


2 thoughts on “Submissions . . .

  1. josna

    E! Congratulations on having completed this labour of love! Writing it in the first place was admirable enough, but then the arduous process of revising and rewriting–I am in awe of you! And what a surprise to see my name mentioned–it has been nothing but a pleasure. All the very best and keep us posted. Josna
    P.S. I for one have loved the digressions on every subject under the sun. J xo

  2. Bonsai

    Oh submission time! I spent quite a bit of time submitting and nearly drove myself crazy during those months. Then one day I asked myself what I wanted out of the whole writing (a book) process and I came to some surprising conclusions. I am certain there will be ups and downs in the process, but you have accomplished so much to have completed the work. Of all of the things I’ve done in a professional capacity, writing my story for examination has been by far the most difficult. Carry on!


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