Extensive landscaping . . . (episode 39)

MAY2014 011

Exotic planting, Greater Dipstick, Corsettshire, UK

June 28 1998

10 Forsythia Grove
Outer Hamlet

My Dear Bayleaf

I am just writing to thank you pet, for sparing a whole day to wheel me around the (hilly) streets of Bright Litton in order to take a long series of photographs of drilled millstone water features and ornamental metal gates. At least, that is what we were ostensibly doing, but we certainly viewed one or two front room interiors – and associated radio reception equipment – using my new telescopic zoom attachment, didn’t we! Even now – in my hour of extremis – I am pleased to say that the Service has not forsaken me. And Bright Litton has its fair share of ‘sleeper’ agents engaged in covert operations as you know – often located in plain view – and not, as one might expect, at the far end of a dripping laurel avenue . . . The experience of exiting Forsythia Grove, for even part of a day, has given me new-found confidence in the partly-recovered function of my whole left side!

In the meantime, I have received a long epistle from former garden clients who have purchased a large villa – in an even larger plot of land – out at Greater Dipstick. And they tell me that the grounds contain an Italian Garden constructed circa 1840. They are writing to ask me to clear it with my petrol-powered brush cutter and recently-refurbished chainsaw. How exciting dear! I am sure that, in a week or two, I will have nearly thrown off my currently – slightly limiting – left-sided hemiparesis and intermittent diplopia! They are also in the process of sinking two boreholes in order to access sufficient private water to power a 10m-high fountain jet, a waterfall feature, and two rills planned to cascade down the north-facing slope in front of the villa. Whoo hoo pet! I can scarcely wait to deploy my extensive knowledge of terrace construction on a long slope of steep gradient . . .

Yours (examining my store of trenching spades)



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