The value of instinct . . . (episode 22)


401B Concrete Shacks

April 27 1997

Hello Auntie

Here is my report subsequent to spending the night in the coal bunker at your residence. (Thank you for running in a microwave facility by the way; that ham and cheese toastie was very tasty.) But to get to the business end of the experience:

The ‘research assistant’ did indeed turn out to be endowed with all the epithets you mentioned, i.e. young, cute, blonde and bosomy.

I’m afraid that I did observe – without any question of a doubt – FULL ACTIVITY in the king-sized bed overnight.

I’m sorry to have to confirm your suspicions in this way – and I am particularly sorry for Harriet – but, as you yourself have said in the past, the truth is preferable, any day, to a period of months (or even years) spent in a state of fear, madness, and despair. For this, I have come to realize from the telling of your own story, is the mental state which seems to accompany the doubting of one’s instincts.

I enclose a copy of the tape, should you need to refer to its contents.

Best regards



3 thoughts on “The value of instinct . . . (episode 22)

  1. countingducks

    I think your Aunt will be very pleased by that full report, and the tape will be nice to watch with a cup of tea and a nice slice of jam sponge cake. I’m loving this correspondence

  2. kristin

    Well, I guess Harriett can start planning her exit. If this were an old time radio drama, she would be planning her murder because no one seems to leave without killing their spouse.


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