Bunk up . . . (episode 17)


Hello there Mother

Are you still going away next weekend with your friend by any chance? The one with the strange name. Some pink bird or other.

Your phone doesn’t seem to be working by the way. And your email still appears to be classified information – even to me, your son. I have had to go out and buy a stamp.

I have got to go to a pre-election ‘think tank’ meeting in Carpool next Saturday. I’ll be driving up with my research assistant. Is there any chance we could bunk up at yours on Friday night?

Give me a tinkle a.s.a.p.

Fond regards

Your son, Austen

Rt. Hon. A. Tankful MP
Houses of Parliament


3 thoughts on “Bunk up . . . (episode 17)

  1. josna

    I’m just starting to really get into this–not sure of the plot and cast of characters so far, but loving the characters and the humor. But why the cockroach? For me, a disturbing image in the extreme! Moles are fine, even charming, but I can’t cultivate any find of empathy, let alone a warm, fuzzy feeling, about c********s.
    On another note, as I read this, an alarming situation is underway in the Greater Boston area. We could benefit from Mother’s expertise.

  2. kristin

    I just found your blog via your comment on Josna’s blog. I too, found the roach photo disturbing due to a recent influx of water bug, plametto, cockroaches here. We have just beaten them back.

    I will have to figure out what is going on with the roach identified character and his mother. Glad to find your blog.


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