Air of intoxication . . . (episode 4)

3A Hyde Park Terrace


March 30 1997

Dear mum (in law)

Austen has told me that you have surfaced and are asking after me.  I’m not too bad.  I left the alcohol rehabilitation centre last year and the antidepressants the doctor has given me are helping (I think).  I did want to start having a hobby (as you suggested at the time) and thought I might start keeping budgerigars in an outside aviary.  However, Austen feels that there will be nobody to look after them when we go on holiday.  I don’t know when we last went on holiday.  You know how good he is at getting his own way.  It’s no good challenging him because he stops being endearing and lovable and becomes very cold (and sometimes angry).  Just recently he has started leaving home punctually at 7.40am for his walk across Hyde Park to the House of Commons.  He never used to leave so early (or on time).  Also he is sporting a sudden air of intoxication.  I don’t know what’s behind this.  I just know that I feel miserable.  What do you think I should do?

Yours loving daughter (in law)



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